Month: June 2015

Supreme Court versus the Constitution

Yesterday the top court handed down yet another in a long line of immoral and unlawful verdicts. It seems to me that this particular verdict will go down in history along with abortion, as two great hallmarks of the end of civility in the West.

What more needs to be said? The barbarians are at the gate and they will not stop demanding more and more, and violence will be the tool to achieve their goal.

Goodbye sweet Rome, your light is extinguished.


It don’t matter if you’re black or white… oh wait! Yes, yes it does!

The song by Michael Jackson, a young black pop music superstar who was often criticized for trying to appear white, comes to mind as we are treated to yet another trumped up “controversy” involving color specific race.

This woman has come under scrutiny in recent days for pretending to be a black woman. While I found the situation somewhat humorous, it is being taken seriously by the confused progressive media. Underlying the scrutiny is whether or not Rachel Dolezal, who was clearly born white, is acting unscrupulously by self-identifying as black. Here are my thoughts:

1) Any time someone is dishonest, they are to be considered unscrupulous. Her motivation is moot. The outworking of her philosophy of self is clear in both her dishonesty and her chosen profession.

2) I think that underlying the issue is the simple fact that lying about her race may have given her special advantage over other white women and afforded her a high ranking (and high paying) position with the champions of liberal-dom, the NAACP.

Progressives can hardly complain about such privileges because they allegedly do not exist. In fact if institutionalized racism really is a thing then Ms. Dolezal would have suffered for being identified as black, not profited from it. This is why reporting is somewhat confused on the issue. Some people may feel indignant that a white woman hijacked special minority privileges in order to advance herself. Why? Why shouldn’t she have the same opportunity as a black woman, or a man? That’s the real problem with affirmative action and this gal has highlighted the reason special privilege ought not be accorded any group of people.

Now I am hearing phrases like trans-racial which are comical because they so neatly summarize the blatant stupidity of the progressive movement and the ignorant zombies who follow it.

Well here’s the deal, I am now declaring that I am a black female. I am trans-opposite! Maybe I can get that promotion at work and some scholarships. Even though I was born in the white majority, I wish to self-identify with the black minority and the gender minority so that even if I am only mildly competent, I can get a better job with better pay. That’s because institutionalized racism does exist, and it is now reared its ugly head against white males.