The Huffington Puffington and blow your church down!

Is it just me or is the idea that anyone would go to the Huffington Post for religious ideas so repugnant that it should be laughable? It is pathetic that a rag, and yes Huff Puff is nothing more than a rag, is pretending to dole out religious advice. What is even more pathetic is that it is showing up in my Fascist-book news feed from alleged Christians who seem to think that this is a legit source for news and commentary.

In a post entitled “Why I am renouncing my 2nd Amendment rights (and asking my fellow Christians to do the same,” Kutter Callaway suggests that we Christians give up our guns. The link is below:

Kutter, who somehow considers himself a theologian and allegedly has the trappings of that role, uses the following argument to send home his message:

  1. The frequency of “mass shootings” now reflect a well worn “pattern.

In order to justify this, he compares the two most recent journalist fodder, the crazy guy who killed some other serial killers at an abortion clinic, and the servants of the Prophet who again showed what happens when you become “more devout” to that faith. Other than these two mass killings, he doesn’t establish any other patterned events. And I doubt anyone could argue that these two are related.

I abhor liars and those who play fast and loose with the facts. Here we have an alleged Christian theologian doing just that.

Then he goes down this path of arguments that he “won’t” make while conveniently posting statistics that say the US is overridden with gun violence. Perhaps captain Christian would care to explain that the lion’s share of those statistics are inner city gun violence. That doesn’t fit the narrative though and so it is left out. Never let the truth mess with the story… that was Jesus’ way wasn’t it?

Then of course the old “the Second Amendment didn’t mean what everyone up til now thought it meant” argument pops up in the arguments he’s “not making.”

Sorry had to pause and wipe off the slime. After that revolting dishonesty we reach the meat and potatoes of the claim:

Rather, I’m simply saying that, as a Christian, my primary obligation is to stand in radical opposition to the forces of death and destruction that threaten to undo the very fabric of God’s good creation, regardless of what the Constitution says I can or cannot do as an American citizen.

Well here is at least one kernel of truth. Now we ask the question: What are the forces of death and destruction that threaten? Where are these foes and how best can they be fought? Is it materialist philosophy rotting away at the core of education? Is it the Sophist professors in education that are characteristic of the decay of spirituality and intellectual honesty? Is it humanist dogma that makes men more selfish and animal-like the more consistent they are with it? Perhaps it is the defunct black inner city bully, anti-family, and tribal culture that wears violence like a wedding dress? Nope. It is those darned Christians who are holding on to their guns. I assume that is who is in the “gun culture” he identifies. Since he doesn’t actually pretend to define what he means by his usage of this term, and the context of the blog post certainly seems to suggest that.

Of course, the truth of the matters is that this (possibly ridiculous) renunciation of mine is not going to magically undo the gun culture in America.

Certainly not if you do not address the actual problem. The fact that you identify something as generic as “gun culture” as the responsible agent, shows you really are not interested in root cause. Christians giving up their guns in order to spark a culture change is as foolhardy and reckless as it is misguided. I’ll explain that later.

It isn’t going to fix a profoundly broken system that has not only failed those suffering from mental illnesses but has also created the very conditions for violent extremism to flourish.

Yes it will not fix the Federal government’s failure to protect its citizens from illegal immigration and third world terrorists. Nor will it fix the liberal desire to redistrict the US into socialism. Nor will it fix the entitlement mentality being fostered on University campuses, the long dark Nihilism that materialism fosters. In fact it won’t do anything except give you some sort of pietistic notion that your action is superior to others.

I’ll tell you what it will fix. It will fix the nagging problem the fascists have with enforcing their wickedness on Christian men and women. It will finally remove the only weapon that good men have against their increasingly hostile and anti-god government. Fear. Most Fascists and liberals are cowards. They fear Islam so they kowtow to every demand of the Jihadis. They fear guns so everyone needs to get rid of them… well not everyone as we shall see.

Also note that it is assumed that the gun culture [whatever that means] is not assumed to be one among many necessary conditions for violent extremism, it is the only condition. I would have been more respectful of an argument that addressed this, not just assumed it without prior argument.

And it certainly isn’t going to prevent violent people from acting violently in the future, whether with guns or any other kind of weaponry real or imagined.

Then what’s the point?

By completely opting out of our Second Amendment entitlements–by not only rejecting the rules of the game but also refusing to play the game at all–I think it might very well be possible, at least within the Christian community, to shift the conversation from our inalienable “rights” as citizens to what is ultimately “right” for our fellow human beings.


Ok so here’s the deal. Now we have identified the problems:

  1. Christians have guns and guns lead to violence.
  2. Christians aren’t willing to sacrifice their guns, because if they did, Jesus’ light would shine and the criminals would all give up their guns too.

Imagine it with me, if only for a moment. Imagine a different way of being an American Christian. What if we were known not so much for our doctrinal orthodoxy, but for our political heterodoxy? That is, what might happen if we were daring enough to embrace, embody, and enact a way of life that was truly blasphemous to American sensibilities? What if, in a land where worship of the twin gods of weaponry and violence prevailed, we chose instead to serve a dis-arming God–a God who calls us daily to confront violence by laying down our lives (and our guns) for the sake of others?

Let’s use his argument with police officers:

  1. Police officers have guns and guns lead to violence
  2. Cops aren’t willing to sacrifice their guns, because if they did…

…they’d get shot by a thug (criminal, brown shirt, or government) who has no concern for them, their family, or their God. Sorry Kutter… you’ve mis-identified the problem.

Of course, one only has to look at where your blog was posted to know where you were going. Does anyone seriously believe the Huff Puff would post something that didn’t align with their socialist/fascist agenda?


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